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  • Kampot Web Solutions

    Design that pleases the eye and keeps visitors engaged.


    The World's best page builder for websites

    SEO & SEA

    If you want to be found on Google you've got to do SEO, SEA, or a mix.
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  • Web Development

    There are no limitations to what can be achieved with Oxygen. The sky is the limit.

    Project Evaluation

    It's important that designer and client are on the same page. We'll make sure of that.

    Social Media

    Choose wisely on which social media platform you want to be. Don't be on all of them.
  • Page Speed

    Everything below 2 seconds is quite acceptable. 1 second is better though.

    License fees

    I own life time licenses for all major Oxygen plugins and can legally extend them to my clients' sites.


    A fast loading website is essential when selling stuff online. A good reason to choose us.
  • Competitive Pricing

    I know that many businesses don't justify having an expensive website. That doesn't mean it can't be a professional one.


    We give you proper advice on which hosting service to choose and which not.


    We made the website, hence we'd be the best choice to maintain it. Or you choose to do it yourself. Easy Peasy.
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